How to design a signature philanthropy program

The title should be a good (also big) question for Corporation/Enterprises’ CSR unit. The following thoughts come from BSR’s PPT Designing a Signature Philanthropy Program, it’s worth to writing something on that.

How to Designing a Signature Philanthropy Program?

Maybe you should do it step by step:

  • Identify the link between public needs and business strategy (Because this program conducted by company, we sure stand on the business things)
  • Clear goal (you should know about your program’s goal, considering your company’s goal, some how. Think about the impact of society, company and your partners)
  • Core skills (please do some assessment on what core skills you should use in that program, at that circumstance, if you don’t have those skills, should you make it as grant for other professional organization?) Understand your competencies.Be creative and resourceful
  • Consider partnerships( as we mention above, what partnership would you need, what partnership would involved? If you don’t know for now, you should go back, learn your goal and program’s needs, etc. )
  • Communicate (talk to people, so on and so on )
  • Measure (Don’t wait for your program’s ending, you should measure the activities, outputs all the time, and return some feedback, make improvement happen before it ends.)

How to Look for the right partnerships

  1. Competitive partnership selection process
  2. Understand partners’ strengths/weaknesses
  3. Utilize and leverage combination of partners
  4. Align partners’ goals
  5. Clear accountability, roles and responsibilities
  6. Clear lines of communication and reporting
  7. Devote(Give them  to others) resources to managing partnerships and build partners’ capacity

Communicate? It more looks like PR things , not only internal communication.

  1. gain internal support from management and staff
  2. Instill pride amongst employees towards company
  3. Connect your brand/customers to the program
  4. Advocate for change in line with program (Campaign )

How to measure your CSR program?

1.Regularly measure
2.Evaluate Impact as well as Input
3.Evaluate business benefit as well as society benefit, e.g.

  • PR
  • Employee Engagement
  • Product ideas
  • Build social capital

4.Evaluate in order to learn how to improve
5.Share what you learn about impacts

The ppt wrote Public Opinion on Corporate Philanthropy as ending:

  • Over half of people believe that companies should engage in CSR activities and would feel more loyal towards that company for doing so.超过一半的人相信企业应该积极地参与到CSR活动中去,并决定如果公司们这样做了他们的忠诚度会更高
  • Two thirds think more highly of a company that support a charity. 三分之二的人会对做慈善的企业有很高的评价
  • Over half indicate that this would influence their purchasing behavior when choosing between two similar goods. 超过一半的指标显示,企业做慈善会影响到人们在类似产品中的购买选择
  • A third of Chinese would pay a price premium for a product that supports a charity over a similar product that didn’t.在类似产品面前,三分之一的中国人会愿意支付多一点给那些愿意做慈善的企业以购买他们的产品。
  • Two thirds of Chinese feel the company they work for should do more to support a charity.三分二的中国人认为他们所效力的公司应该多支持公益事业。