6 Issue Areas and 28 Indicators of CSR

These were from Abbott and Monsen (1979)(*)

1.Pollution control
2.Product Improvement
3.Repair of environment
4.Recycling of waste materials
5.Other environment disclosures

Equal Opportunity
6.Minority employment
7.Advancement of minorities
8.Employment of women
9.Advancement of women
10.Minority business
11.Other disadvantaged group
12.Other statements on equal opportunity
13.Advancement of racial minorities or women
14.Hard core racial minority employment

15.Employee health and safety
17.Other disclosures
18.Personnel counseling
19.Assist displaced employees locate new work

Community Involvement
20.Community activities
21.Public health
22.Education or the arts
23.Other community activity disclosures

26.Other product-related disclosures

27.Other disclosures
28.Additional information

Location of Disclosures
1.Letter to stockholders
2.Separate section of annual report
3.Separate booklet with annual report

*Quote from :On the Measurement of Corporate Social Responsibility:Self-reported Disclosures as a Method of Measuring Corporate Social Involvement[J]. Academy of Management Journal, 1979, (9).