• 责任类别:企业对社会应尽的义务。
  • 企业必须解决的社会问题或议题。
  • 企业对社会责任作出回应的策略(回应性)

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  1. Health and Safety. The term ‘health and safety’ refers to all measures to improve the employees’ safety and well being at work – such as the prevention of working accidents, occupational diseases or work-caused dangers to health.
  2. Quality of Working Conditions. The quality of working conditions is a competitive factor of growing importance.
  3. Impact on Employment. Due to its innovative potential and key-technology character, the biotechnology sector offers opportunities for employment.
  4. Education and Training. In the biotechnology sector, the qualification of the employees is an important factor, since academic research and development form a key activity of the companies.
  5. Knowledge Management. Knowledge is an important factor of biotechnological production.
  6. Innovative Potential. Biotechnology offers a wide array of new development and application opportunities.
  7. Customer Acceptance and Societal Product Benefit. The acceptance of products by customers is significantly influenced through product characteristics and information as well as production conditions.
  8. Societal Dialogue. The most recent development in the area of biosciences, particularly regarding work with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), has attracted public attention and initiated an intense debate.