CSR管理模型笔记(14):Integrating People, Planet and Profit(ENG)

It’s really a theoretical model in Chapter 14, and I don’t feel like it would be applied in any cases, unless those 3P theory (People, Planet, Profit) have more detailed argument and approaches.

Here you would see their figures as following.


The basic idea underlying Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to find a proper balance between People, Planet and Profit. All companies have to face a major challenge when deciding on priorities in CSR. There is an increasing obligation to integrate CSR in business policies and daily activities. Turning it into a primary company process entails more than isolated projects linked to the company identity.

No simple techniques exist to help companies make the necessary choices which range from identifying and defining new CSR challenges to best fit the company to coordinating various initiatives and building up support for their implementation. The objective of developing the model was to provide an over-view of the driving forces in creating added value for People, the Planet, and the Profit of a company. This overview is intended to serve as a guiding princi-ple in setting priorities and strengthening links. This conceptual model is set out below. Two case studies show how the model can help generate insight and commitment.