What’s community foundation 社区基金会是什么

Definition from Wikipedia:

Community foundations (CFs) are instruments of civil society designed to pool donations into a coordinated investment and grant making facility dedicated primarily to the social improvement of a given place.

As it was told, Community foundation(s) :

  • is instruments of civil society, it’s tool
  • can pool donations, storing the charity money
  • can coordinated investment and grant, as coordinator
  • could making all resource dedicated to somewhere else facility
  • making effort to social improvement
  • established in a given place, it’s grant and investment should also be use in that place

From creative-initiatives.org:

A community foundation is a tax-exempt, independent, and publicly-supported charitable organization organized and operated as a permanent collection of endowed funds for the long-term benefit of a defined geographic area.

It seeks new, typically large, contributions of permanent endowment from a wide range of donors who are generally indigenous to the area, and provides services to assist those donors in fulfilling their personal philanthropic interests.

In this case, community foundation :

  • is tax-exempt (tax free) , independent (live alone with others)  and publicly-supported
  • is a charitable organization
  • running as a permanent collection of endowed funds(given by corps, people and others organizations)
  • all funds should be long term benefit
  • in a defined geographic area(in the certain place)
  • seeks for some range of donors, in certain area
  • should assist donors in fulfilling philanthropic interests.

Community foundation is a independent , tax-exempt charitable organization which its fund and resources come from local wide range donors, it will dedicated on social improvement for long term benefit in a given place.

The essential of community foundation:

  • come from local community
  • for local community’s long term benefit
  • should dedicated on social improvement

And, how to established a CF?

  • Local donors
  • Management / professional
  • Register as charitable organization

What CF can do?

  • Community mobilization
  • Grants on social improvement
  • Well-being grants
  • Give assistance for donors on their philosophy interest
  • Community Base organizations