All about IR (appendices)

Questions for Different IR Types

1.Needs Assessment 需求评估

What practices and interventions have been proven to be effective? 什么样的实践和干预措施是被证明有效的?
What contextual factors contribute to the success or failure of identified interventions? 那些背景因素被识别出来是影响了干预措施的成功或失败的?
How might existing policies affect the intervention? 现存政策对干预措施的影响是什么?
What are the needs and priorities of the different stakeholders and target population? 不同利益者和目标群体的需求和优先需求是什么?

2.Formative Research

How and to what extent do contextual and cultural factors influence the desired change? 文化因素和背景在什么程度和如何影响变化的发生?
What factors hinder or facilitate the delivery of the intervention? 是什么因素成为干预措施实行的障碍或者助力?
What adaptations are necessary to achieve the desired goal? 对于目标,哪些(基于本地情况的)改变是必要的?
What changes need to be made to the protocol to address these issues? 根据约定俗成,要响应这些问题,需要作出哪些改变?

3.Effectiveness Study 效用研究

Did the intervention do more good than harm when delivered under real-world conditions? 项目活动(干预措施)在现实条件下是否利大于弊

Does the intervention/program meet its goals under typical conditions?

For whom was the intervention effective and for whom was it not?

Under what conditions or context does the intervention prove effective?


What is the social structure of the system, community, or organization we want to affect?
Which types of information and delivery or access modalities (方式)are effective for selected target groups?
How can we harness technology (提出技术手段、应用技术手段) or existing networks to achieve widespread dissemination?

Table of information needs