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Spam hotmail:Earn money from virus (fuck bienb.com)

When I login my MSN , I found a mail in my hotmail inbox. And I open the mail , it wrote: I am Kiora , working in the foreign Enterprise in Shanghai , I’m busy and feel tired , when I send this mail I don’t know where are you. I just want chat with some friends. And if I iterupt you, you can scold me …if you want make friends with me , you can visit the Url:……

The tone just like a peevish woman. the snatshoot of mail :

I check the domain bienb.com Whois:

and the index of bienb.com title name: zhuashou.com , I also check the whois of zhuashou.com

and when I closed bienb.com , a window open! and what the fucking windows?

And I just want ask , why my friend’s hotmail was betray ? I can just fuck bienb.com. The domain owner named Tian Feng.

In the world of internet, the virus-spread method is the most popular . And some web site just take it as a make money way. So, be careful , and , fuck the spammer.

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